The Art of Making Lists

I’m the kind of person that is very easily overwhelmed. When one thing changes, a bunch of other things change, like the butterfly effect. So when one thing happens, I have to remember or calculate how everything else will be affected by it, and there goes this swarm of thoughts that I need to stress about remembering everything.

I never actually knew that my mind worked like this. I only knew that I was easily overwhelmed. That was until one day when Continue reading “The Art of Making Lists”

The Queen is one of my more interesting characters, in my opinion. She’s definitely the most fun.

She was originally an imaginary friend of an exceptional mind. She evolved into¬†an alternate personality of a teenager, but eventually manifested her own physical form. Because she’s an imaginary creature, her abilities are as capable as her own imagination. Continue reading “The Queen”

Woot Woot! My first Blog!

So I’ve realized that I’ve been word vomiting everywhere about my life changes, and things that have improved my quality of life. I’ve been wanting to share with everyone, just in case it can help them improve their lives. I thought, “Why not put it all in one place?” So here it is! All in a blog!… eventually. I hope to entertain and educate, so hopefully you’ll enjoy. Have a great day!…er… life!

(Does anyone remember HAGS from high school?)

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