Changes to a Bullet Journal

Over the course of a month, I’ve made some changes to my bullet journal, and I’m sure there are more changes to come. Here’s a description of some of the changes I’ve made so far.

I do have a video summary of this blogpost, if you’d like to see it. Linked Here

The picture above displays the way my bullet journal looks now. Of course, it didn’t always look like that. Here’s what it originally looked like, and here is where you can purchase it.

Those images were taken directly off of the amazon page. The notebook is simply two clear plastic covers over some spiral bound paper. I do like the frosted finish of the covers, but I do not like that the paper is so yellow. The dots for the grid are also very small, so if you like a lot of room to write, this one’s not the one for you. There’s also the fact that it’s a spiral bound notebook, which is flimsy and warps when you throw it in a purse or backpack. I’ll be starting school soon, so we’ll see how the book holds up, then. On the plus side with spiral bound books, you can fold the book completely in half, hold it conveniently in your hand, and write in it easily on the go.

Because the covers are transparent and lightly frosted, I was able to simply tape a photo behind the cover to add some color. Doing something so simply really improved the quality of the journal, in my opinion. I would wake up every morning to bright, refreshing colors.

To get the cover, I googled “watercolor print,” and this was one of the first images to show up.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the image with the original resolution. These were the closest I could find. I’m also not sure of the source of the image, so I can’t properly credit them šŸ˜¦

In front of most books, there’s a chapter guide or an index. Many of the brand name bullet journals already have indexes pre-printed. I added one to mine by hand, but I didn’t display it in my starting a bullet journal post, probably because it’s to forgettable. Throughout this month, I hadn’t used it at all. I’m probably not ever going to add or use it again.

Next was the yearly overview.

I’m not entirely happy with this layout because it seems a bit disorganized, to me. I have found another layout that interests me, but it has a lot of imaginary horizontal lines, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with it. Anyway, here’s a photo reference and a link to the video I got it from.


I’ve added quite a bit to the overview, but never once did I highlight any of the additions. It seems like I just don’t like to go back and use highlighters. They’re bulky and difficult to take on the go with you. Even if you’re out and about with them packed, you still have to dig around in your bag to find the right color highlighter. I find the highlighting portion to be impractical, so I probably won’t be doing that anymore.

To go ahead and save some frequently visited pages, or just pages that I wanted to remember, I added little black tabs. All I did was fold black cardstock in half, cut, cut the halves into strips, and used double-sided-wrapping-paper tape to adhere the tab to the page. For the monthly tabs, I folded white cardstock in half and cut the shape of the tabs out. I then flipped one of the sides, so one would be a higher tab, with the other being a lower tab.

I’m still not entirely sure what I should put on the monthly tabs. They take up an entire page, so it would be great if they could be pretty, too. If anyone reading this has any suggestions, please leave me a comment on here or any of my social media. I’d greatly appreciate it.

The only issue with the tabs that I can predict is the same as the issue with the spiral bound notebook. When school starts up again, I’ll be throwing my books into my bag, and the journal will likely take a lot of abuse. I’m worried the tabs might fall off. I’m not sure of any alternatives, and I would appreciate suggestions for that as well. Until then, we’ll just have to see how the tabs do.

Moving on, in my last post about my bullet journal, I mentioned that I might discontinue use of the monthly schedule. However, I’ve found it to be pretty useful in the new month. I’ve put down some daily holidays, which I thought would be good to keep social media exciting. Also with school starting soon, I’ll be able to document short-term deadlines without a problem.

For the monthly finances, I ended up running out of room very quickly. I thought I would have room at the bottom of the page to do the financial analysis, but I didn’t. I ended up having to write in all the margins. Next month, I’ve designated the whole page to just finances and neatly organized the page, now that I know how I’ve used it. Then at the end of march, I’ll add in another page for the analysis.

With the habit and mood tracker, the only change I really made was lining them up, so I can more easily compare my habits to my overall daily mood. The point of hte habit tracker was to develop new and constructive habits. I’ve decided not to stop listing something in the habit tracker unless I’ve kept up with it almost every day of the previous month. As you can see, I’m terrible at keeping up with habits, so I’ll have to write them down for the next month. I’ve also added some.

I’ve also added two daily columns because of the habit and mood trackers. I’ve noticed I don’t eat healthy all the time, even though I purchase mostly healthy food. I’ve also realized that I experience multiple moods a day. Sometimes, I’ll feel bad for half an hour, and I don’t feel like that should be ignored. To remedy this issue, I’ve added Mood and Food notes to my daily to-do lists.

On my weekly planner, I’ve decided to have a goal for each week as well. Every week, I’ll put something up that is nice and pretty to keep my focus on it. For the picture below, the metallic permanent marker bled through, so I think I might add a printer-paper panel and apply it the same way I did the tabs. That way, I can color it however I want, and I don’t need to worry about bleed.


I’ve changed a lot, and I’m sure I’ll change more. I might do periodic bullet journal reflections/updates in the future and turn this into a series. So far, I really enjoy bullet journalling, and I hope to always improve on it.

Once school starts again, which is next week, I’m sure it’ll change a lot.


2 thoughts on “Changes to a Bullet Journal

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  1. My first month I did a habit and mood tracker page, but I grew to find it more hassle than fun. I use a gratitude log instead now and I find it to be very helpful on keeping a good mindset ! I also keep some pages or spots free so I can doodle in song lyrics or quotes just to keep my bullet journal something more fun rather than business


    1. That’s awesome!

      I did sort of a gratitude log before. It was a good and bag long where I documents everything I thought was good and I thought was bad during the day. I realized very quickly that more good things happened over bad things, so there was plenty to feel good about. šŸ™‚


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