Why I Take Supplements

There’s a lot going on and around about supplements, and I am no expert. Some people say that most people are deficient in nutrients, and that they must take supplements to be healthy. Others say that supplements are bad for you because you don’t know what you need without doctor’s advisory, and you can always get nutrients from their natural food resource. Many vitamins and nutrients often don’t absorb into the body without fibers that they naturally occur with. Also, cheap binders that companies use to shape their pills can potentially by toxic or prevent breakdown and absorption all together.

In fact, supplements aren’t considered a food or medicine, so they don’t have to abide by the same rules. Actually, supplements are very under-regulated, and aren’t mandated to be regulated by health and safety organizations. Some companies will selectively have their products reviewed by these organizations, but there are few laws in place requiring this practice.

I’ve always been on the fence about supplements before. I never noticed a difference when I took them. The pills I took as a child tasted funny. Actually, I thought I was pretty healthy for a kid. My mother and I hardly ever ate out, and I always had, what I thought, was relatively healthy food.


I worked for a health company that sold a line of supplements for a while, which is where I get some of my knowledge. While I was with them, I took their supplements, and I still never felt a difference. My pee was a little brighter than usual, but that was about it. They were pretty high-quality, expensive supplements, too, and I just felt like I wasn’t getting any benefit.

I always thought that what I was eating was enough. There were plenty of other people out there that ate worse than I did, and they were fine. It wasn’t until I received a call from my doctor with my lab results, telling me that I was extremely vitamin D deficient, that I started taking supplements.

At first, it started with just vitamin D. I performed a basic google search to see everything that lacking Vitamin D could cause. It turned out, that I was able to relate to many of the named issues, one of them being depression which I had been struggling greatly with at the time. On top of that, vitamin D aids in processing and using calcium. That was important to me because the year before, I had my gal bladder removed due to gal stones. Gal stones are calcium deposits. I put the puzzle pieces together.

I had been trying to figure out a diet that worked with my lack of gal bladder ever since I had it removed. My surgeon said that my digestive system should adapt within a month after surgery, but I felt my body never did. I did some research, and there was little guidance as to what to do or eat when someone is having trouble digesting food after gal bladder surgery. The only thing I could come up with was that the general antibiotics given before/during/after surgery could have killed some of my normal flora in my intestines. I thought a convenient over-the-counter way of helping that was to take some pro-biotics. I just so happened to find some that came with digestive enzymes, and every since I started taking them, I’ve been fairly regular with minimal to no pain after eating.


This allowed me to be more flexible with my diet, and I’ve started eating more vegan foods. Mostly because I find it to be easier to cook and less expensive while also being healthy. A side effect of eating less meat is consuming less vitamin B12, which is necessary for energy production and neural function. I did some research, and I found a few companies I agreed with. I then looked at other vitamins I was interested in taking, and I finally decided that I should just take a multi vitamin. The particular brand I chose was catered towards vegans and vegetarians, so it came with a high dose of vitamin B12 already.

Then I decided why not, and I added some Biotin on top of that. Ya know. For the beautiful luscious hair. It’s been lacking that shine, so why not?

I’m only a couple days into the multi-vitamin-taking, but so far, I’m into it. I can tell I have more energy, and I’m more alert. That’s likely due to the high dose of vitamin B12. I believe that the effects of vitamins aren’t someone that one can immediately tell right off the bat, usually. They have cumulative effects that develop slowly over time. I guess the only way I’ll really be able to tell is if I get sick less.


I made the pill box from paper. The directions were found on pinterest. Here’s the video!

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