Feeling Overwhelmed Suddenly – and How I Handled It.

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Today (2-7-2017), I was studying for the nursing entrance exam, like I have been for the past month. It was nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve been dedicating three hours of studying almost every day because I’ve had a late start for nursing applications. No big deal. The nursing entrance exam is all just review. I’ve learned this all before. I scheduled out the progress I was going to make every day, and I gave myself plenty of flex time in case I felt like procrastinating.

I thought I was all good. That was, until I started on the review and pretesting stage of my studying. It turns out, I don’t remember much from Anatomy and Physiology. I keep getting some questions wrong, or I keep having to google search the functions or names of things. This is not a good sign. Especially when google will not be available during my actual exam.

I don’t learn very well by going over my notes or by reviewing old class criteria. The best way for me to learn is to listen/watch a lecture. Thankfully, my previous Anatomy and Physiology professor put all of her lectures online. I went and looked it all up, and it turns out that there’s a total of twenty for lectures that are about an hour to and hour and a half long each, with only seven days left before my exam.

This means that on top of my three hour study session, I have to add three or more hours to that time. Already, I utilize all my time to be productive, so I would have to take away from other things in order to complete studying. This would mean pushing back my goals, and rescheduling many of my tasks. Once this spiral started, I began to think of very little, specific tasks that I needed to complete, like trimming my hair, keeping up with dishes, finally minimalizing my wardrobe, selling all the items I’ve already marked for sale, etc.


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Nope! I wasn’t about to let this get any worse!

I decided that I needed to give my brain a break. I went and took a shower, and I completed my full hair-care routine (which is what I consider treating myself). I came back feeling all fresh and clean, and I scheduled out all of the progress I was going to make with the lecture videos every day (more lists). I documented everything in my bullet journal, and I cleared out my schedule for the next seven days (except for going to the movies, of course).

My brain is still in a funk, but I’m going to keep on relaxing it until it’s calmed down. It may even take until tomorrow, but that’s alright. There’s no point in overwhelming myself even more when I’m already overwhelmed. It’ll take a while for the fact that everything is already scheduled out and planned and alright to settle in. I’m just working on being patient with myself. Deep breaths.

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