Cleaning Tips: Get a Piggy Bank!

I’ve never heard about this tip from anywhere, really, and I’ve only ever purchased piggy banks because they make them so adorable now. For example, the featured picture for this article is actually my personal piggy bank! Why are pandas so ridiculously cute? I have no idea! I guess that would make it a Panda Bank… but still! The function is the same!

So why is owning a piggy bank a cleaning tip?

I gotta be honest with myself… I am a messy person. I’m a total slob. I may not be a hoarder, but all the items I DO have end up not where they’re supposed to be. For example, I do my laundry and leave it in the dryer. My boyfriend and I have begun to find it normal to wake up in the early morning, walk to the other side of the house to find out clothes, take it back into our room, and finally get dressed. If my clothes aren’t in the dryer, they’re on the floor at the base of my bed! On the FLOOR that I don’t vacuum as often as I should! (I’ve actually been pretty good the last month about putting my clothes up as soon as they’re done. Yay me!)

As someone who doesn’t dust… like.. ever, having coins lying around is just plain gross! I’ll have perfectly good surfaces that I could be using for decorations or pleasingly empty, but they’re covered in COINS. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re made of metal, but for some reason, dust LOVES coins! And it’s not like the dust accumulates on coins like it would a shelf or a desk top. They, for some reason, get STICKY and SLIMY (does anyone else have this problem?). They’re just GROSS!

On top of that, when something is sitting on top of a surface, a messy person just subconsciously thinks, “Hey! Whats another thing on that surface?” until the place is just piled up with papers or clothes or whatever else.

I also had no idea where these coins were coming from. My boyfriend and I have always preferred to use cards, especially after direct deposit became a thing. I guess they’re just the kinds of things that appear magically out of nowhere.

So my solution? I picked up all of those coins off of the floor, night stand, tv stand, book case, desk, and kitchen table, and I put it in one of those decorative piggy banks that had just been cluttering my space before! And! There’s only a little hole on top, so the coins can’t get dusty and gross like before.

At first, I thought this was no big deal. Just finding a place to put something. Over time, I realized I had suddenly become more conscious about keeping my surfaces clean. I still never dust, but now I leave less things just lying around. My surfaces are no longer a place for the miscellaneous.

I realized that putting coins in a piggy bank was the start of mental training. The coins belonged somewhere. They had a place of their own. Over the course of a few months, my mind started to subconsciously find places for everything else. The dirty clothes would end up in the hamper. My shoes would end up in my closet. My night stand was actually usable because I put my books away when I wasn’t using them.

I suppose getting a piggy bank wasn’t really the solution. It was finding a home for everything that I used. Once something belongs somewhere, it becomes easier to put it back in its place. Therefore, it becomes easier to keep your place in order. (Not necessarily clean.. I’m still working on that)

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