The Queen

The Queen is one of my more interesting characters, in my opinion. She’s definitely the most fun.

She was originally an imaginary friend of an exceptional mind. She evolved into an alternate personality of a teenager, but eventually manifested her own physical form. Because she’s an imaginary creature, her abilities are as capable as her own imagination. She does limit herself, though. She finds being all-powerful to be very boring. Other personalities have split off of her in the same way she separated from her creator, and they don’t care too much about limiting their own abilities.

She is indeed the Queen of her own universe that she created for herself, and she’s very content with that status. She also enjoys keeping creatures as her pets, some are even human. They’re willing, of course.

She stands at five feet and five inches, and the rest is visible in the illustrations.

There is a Paint Process Video of the latest painting of her.

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