The Art of Making Lists

I’m the kind of person that is very easily overwhelmed. When one thing changes, a bunch of other things change, like the butterfly effect. So when one thing happens, I have to remember or calculate how everything else will be affected by it, and there goes this swarm of thoughts that I need to stress about remembering everything.

I never actually knew that my mind worked like this. I only knew that I was easily overwhelmed. That was until one day when I was talking to a new friend about how I’m going to improve my home and make it feel more like a home to me. I talked in circles about everything I needed to do for about ten minutes straight, and he just sat there and listened. How he was so patient about something that wasn’t that interesting, I have no idea. Ha! Just talking about it started bringing up stressful feelings, and i was even out of breath when I finally stopped myself!

The next day, I was recalling the incident, and I decided that I’m not going to keep this in my head anymore! I’m going to write it down, so I no longer have to worry about remembering it! If I need to think about it, I can just reference/change/add to the list.

It’s actually lead me to be more productive. Now when I have free time and I only kinda feel like filling it with games, I can just look to my list, see what I have time for, and get started! I’ve had this list of home improvement projects for about two weeks now, and I’ve only gotten two of my small projects done. BUT! I’m trying to be positive and look at the fact that I got NONE of it done before the list!

I’ve extended this technique to my weekly schedule and meal planning/grocery lists. Now, I never really need to worry or stress about what I have time for and what I don’t because Iv’e already planned in advance. I’ve been working on creating good habits, too, like doing the dishes regularly. I also don’t have to wander through all the aisles in the store because I already know what I’m going to cook and the junk food my boyfriend likes!

I’m definitely a promoter of lists now, but I now have the problem of having too many lists lying around and taking up space! I’ve looked briefly into bullet journaling, so maybe I’ll give that a shot to keep all my lists and plans in one place.

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